Stunfest : Pause in 2017


Stunfest : Pause in 2017

Press release
Monday 24th October 2016, Rennes

Dear members of 3 Hit Combo,

Dear partners and participants of the Stunfest festival,

3 Hit Combo has been running the gaming festival, Stunfest, since 2005. The team of volunteers, which uses video games as a source of social connection and creativity, has also included employees since 2013.

Stunfest, using varied forms of expression, is an extension to all the actions carried out all year round by 3 Hit Combo and by the communities with which we are cooperating.

The team has had to make the difficult decision put the festival on hiatus in 2017. It is a tough decision, but one that we don’t take lightly. However, this is an opportunity to bounce back in 2018.

All of the previous festivals, including the 2016 edition, have been successes thanks to all its participants and have given us, organisers, contributors and volunteers, a great deal of satisfaction. We do not question the legitimacy nor the quality of any of the projects that were implemented.

The festival has been challenging, both on human and organisational standpoints, as it grew rapidly year after year. Today, we need to take a break to better prepare for the future, for the well-being of the festival and the organisers, as it needs everyone to enjoy being a part of it. However, for some of us, this has not been the case for a while and we feel that we cannot fully bring you the festival under these circumstances. We need to reevaluate how we run things and find a new approach to doing everything while still bringing you the quality you expect.

We know and understand that this is tough news for all the actors of Stunfest, as it is a great opportunity to share special moments year on year, and meet new people who share the same interests as us. We are well aware of the social and cultural wealth of the festival. For some, it is the only chance to meet friends they can’t otherwise see and one of the rare, real highlights of the video game industry. Others come for the tournaments, in which they participate as much in a competitive spirit as for the pleasure of sharing quality time with gamers from all over the world. It also is the place where people can showcase their experience and knowledge of the gaming world. We realise the extent to which the festival participants would be disappointed and feel hurt by our decision.

However, as you know, we game! We know the rule: do not pause in the middle of a game, except for a very good reason. Trust us, we will hit START as soon as possible to get right back into the action.

Of course, we will be active in the meantime, working on our other usual projects in and around Rennes. We look forward to seeing you, as you, gamers, creators and contributors, are the very heart of the festival. We want to hear from you to create and build the future of the festival together. It’s with your help that 3 Hit Combo can continue to grow as a group and expand what we do; including the festival. Feel free to follow us on social media or swing by to see us, and even become a member of the association and take part in our AGM early next year.

For the Stunfest festival

3 Hit Combo staff and Board of Directors



Contact us:

3 Hit Combo – 11 rue du Manoir de Servigné – 35000 Rennes, France | +33 6 95 72 28 11
Twitter & Facebook : @3hitcombo / @stunfest

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