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  1. KurayamiNoTenshi
    KurayamiNoTenshi: @stunfest @Snake_Eyez_ yes ! snake eyes for the stunfest !!! it s guarantee ! :p please come ! :D

  2. GameCulture

  3. Rufflerim
    Rufflerim: We are glad to announce we'll be at #stunfest this year, in Rennes. Best indie fest in France, and lot more. Come and test our new demo : )

  4. Festival Stunfest
    Festival Stunfest: @Snake_Eyez_ Feel free to contact us if you need anything =) We would be glad to welcome you !

  5. Akva-kun
    Akva-kun: @stunfest Ça c'est une bonne idée!

  6. Antistar
    Antistar: Nouveau petit teaser pour évoquer en toute discrétion (une partie de) ma participation au Stunfest.

  7. Bako @Stunfest
    Bako @Stunfest: It says the shirt will be here during Stunfest weekend. Hopefully it will come sooner.